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5 Tips to Avoid Burning Out

burned-outAng batang masipag, pag laki… pagod. – Ai Ai de las Alas (Filipino comedienne)

Translation: A hardworking child grows up to be… a haggard adult.

I came across this hilarious quote a few days ago. It’s true, isn’t it? Hardworking kids do get burnt out. They lose all enthusiasm for work and sometimes even for life. But no matter what your age, too much stress will take all the fun out of the things you once loved to do. It’ll make you look older than you actually are, and it can eventually kill you. You may still be on holiday right now, but you know all that unfinished work’s going to catch up with you by next week. These 5 easy tips can help you avoid burning out.

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The Art of Exaggeration

the art of exaggerationDon’t use words too big for the subject. Don’t say “infinitely” when you mean “very”; otherwise you’ll have no word left when you want to talk about something really infinite.  C. S. Lewis

I’ve already written about the dangers of using big words when small ones will do, but in the context of academic writing. I like this quote from C.S. Lewis because it shows how your creative writing also suffers when you exaggerate too much and too often. Exaggeration can kill a reader’s interest in a work you’ve put your heart into. Continue reading ‘The Art of Exaggeration’

The Importance of Bad Grammar

bad grammar can be good for youNow that I’ve written about the importance of good grammar, it’s about  time I wrote about the importance of bad grammar. Believe it or not, bad grammar can actually be good for you. It can actually serve you better than good grammar can. Continue reading ‘The Importance of Bad Grammar’

Writista Services Update

We’ve just added a lot more info to our writing services page. The update should answer all of your basic questions about what we do and how we do it. If you need more information, email us or leave a comment.

Imitation is the Best Form of Flattery… Not.

This is interesting. Someone liked our article on How to Stop Being So Lazy so much, she copy/pasted it into her own blog and passed it off as her own. The only thing she changed was the title and the last line. Everything else is Writista’s original text.

While this is really flattering, it is also illegal.

Plagiarism is dangerous to your (intellectual) health.

Warning: Plagiarism is dangerous to your (intellectual) health.

Perhaps the poster didn’t realize that she was plagiarizing our work. Perhaps I should write a series of articles about plagiarism… on how to spot it, how to avoid it, etc. Plagiarism is a widespread practice, and most people know it’s wrong, but many people still steal other people’s work, out of laziness or ignorance.

Dear readers, if you’re going to post our articles anywhere else, kindly link back to us. We don’t ask for any monetary compensation for our blog posts. Just give credit where credit is due. It’s basic Internet etiquette.

Thank you.

Write or Die Helps You Fight Writer’s Block

The worst thing about writer’s block is that it’s not just hard to get started, it’s just as hard to keep going. So when I came across Write or Die a few days ago, I got hooked immediately. It’s a terrific little website for combating writer’s block.

The idea behind Write or Die is simple but extremely effective. You specify 4 things: a word goal, a time goal, a difficulty level and a grace period. Then you start typing. What’s so special about Write or Die is that it literally punishes you if you stop writing.  Continue reading ‘Write or Die Helps You Fight Writer’s Block’

Ask Writista: Why Wasn’t My Professor Impressed with My Paper?

question_markDear Writista,

I’m an honor student who tries to make my papers the best they can possibly be. I use the dictionary and thesaurus to make my work different and to show that I have great ideas that are a cut above the rest. But I got a C on my last paper! My professor even wrote “unnecessarily complicated” on it. What happened?? I’ve never had this problem before. I thought I was doing a great job! – Confused Cedric

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