Write or Die Helps You Fight Writer’s Block

The worst thing about writer’s block is that it’s not just hard to get started, it’s just as hard to keep going. So when I came across Write or Die a few days ago, I got hooked immediately. It’s a terrific little website for combating writer’s block.

The idea behind Write or Die is simple but extremely effective. You specify 4 things: a word goal, a time goal, a difficulty level and a grace period. Then you start typing. What’s so special about Write or Die is that it literally punishes you if you stop writing. 

The actual punishment varies widely, depending on the options you select. The mildest punishment is a small pop-up that says “Keep writing!” But beware, if you stop writing for too long in in Kamikaze Mode, it’ll start deleting your text!

The site is designed to keep you writing, no matter what. It’s a variation of the Dash strategy I wrote about a week ago, but targeted specifically towards writers. In fact, the first draft of this post was composed in less than 3 minutes using Write or Die. Try it and tell us what you think!


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