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5 Tips to Avoid Burning Out

burned-outAng batang masipag, pag laki… pagod. – Ai Ai de las Alas (Filipino comedienne)

Translation: A hardworking child grows up to be… a haggard adult.

I came across this hilarious quote a few days ago. It’s true, isn’t it? Hardworking kids do get burnt out. They lose all enthusiasm for work and sometimes even for life. But no matter what your age, too much stress will take all the fun out of the things you once loved to do. It’ll make you look older than you actually are, and it can eventually kill you. You may still be on holiday right now, but you know all that unfinished work’s going to catch up with you by next week. These 5 easy tips can help you avoid burning out.

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Top 10 Grammatical Mistakes Made by Filipinos

Filipinos may be better at English than most Asians, but that doesn’t mean they’re immune from making simple errors.

In this entry, I’ve listed the Top 10 most common mistakes Filipinos make. The obvious reason why you should read this list is so that you can become a better writer. The less obvious reason is the fact that there are entire blogs dedicated to making fun of Filipinos’ wrong grammar, and they are merciless.

Don’t be a victim. Educate yourself, starting with this list.


What's wrong with this photo?

Note: This Top 10 list is based on my personal experience, but I admit, when I’m not paying attention, I find myself making these mistakes too. Continue reading ‘Top 10 Grammatical Mistakes Made by Filipinos’

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